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BetweenGlassBlinds offer holiday accomodation a versatile and contemporary means of  privacy and shading.

Melding functionality with a chic look and feel, they are a smart alternative to traditional window furnishings. They reduce glare and sunlight, and regulate the temperature of a room. They maximise space, making rooms feel bigger and less enclosed. The integrated blinds can be used across all situations, from holiday lodges to activity centres, from windows to doors and side screens.

The totally cordless and child-safe system is operated via sliding magnets or a motorised unit. The simple-to-use and unobtrusive magnetic controls are located around the edge of the unit. The units contain a unique tracking system for the magnet meaning that it cannot get lost or be removed from the rails, which is ideal for holiday accommodation.

BetweenGlassBlinds also offer battery powered or hardwired motorised units. These options are incredibly user-friendly and allow instantaneous shading or privacy at the push of a button. Battery powered blinds are controlled via a rechargeable battery pack. This can be attached magnetically to either the glass surface or the frame. The blinds can be operated via buttons on the battery pack, or from the comfort of a sofa or bed with a remote control. With our sleek design, installation is quick and easy, with no electrician needed.

The hard-wired option can be activated by a simple wall switch, or programmed to interface with most smart automation systems. They are powered externally, with nothing to detract from the refined and contemporary finish. For the ultimate in usability, the motorised blinds can be controlled individually or in groups of up to 12. They can also be assigned to automatically open or close at set times.

All BetweenGlassBlinds products are hermetically sealed and double-glazed, with the blinds inside protected from moisture, dust and damage. Unlike external curtains or blinds, they need no maintenance and are free from spills and odours. The full lifting of the blind happens in one slick and easy motion while the tilt function allows visitors to set the levels of vision and light.  Functional and stylish, they can be used either in internal partitions or for exterior windows and doors.

For further information about the different options available for holiday parks and lodges, please visit our product pages.

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