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Providing innovation and vision.

A cutting edge integral blind system, BetweenGlassBlinds meld the essential functionality of privacy and shading with a less institutional look and feel.

The double-glazed units, complete with fully integrated Venetian blinds, are hermetically sealed between two panes of glass. They are simple to maintain, as the blinds contained within the sealed unit are safe from moisture, dust, dirt and odours.

Perfect for assisted living facilities where resident safety is paramount, the system is also totally free of any external cords or wires, operating via sliding magnetic blocks or a motorised unit.

The full lifting operation happens with an easy motion while the tilt function allows staff to set the levels of vision and light to resident specifications. Optional dual-control functionality is available, allowing resident privacy and dignity to be preserved.

Exceptionally user friendly, the discreet system allow an open plan feel to be achieved whilst ensuring shade and privacy are still possible when needed. For any situations where additional needs are important, BGB Anti-Ligature Thumb Turn units provide large-scale observation, along with privacy and shading, without any risk.  For secure-care environments, please visit our specialist Anti-Ligature Thumb Turn product page.

BetweenGlassBlinds are available in any size up to 2500mm high and 2000mm wide. Height and width restrictions may apply.  A full range of colour and glazing options such as toughened, laminated, fire rated, solar controlled, and noise reduction are available.