Education & Leisure.

A brighter future.

BetweenGlassBlinds offer a versatile and contemporary means of privacy and shading, melding essential functionality with a smart and stylish look and feel. They reduce glare and sunlight, regulate the temperature of a room, and can be used across all situations, from classrooms to sports halls, windows to doors and side screens.

Perfect for education and leisure facilities where student and visitor safety is paramount, our totally cordless system is operated either with sliding magnets or via a motorised unit.

The simple-to-use and unobtrusive magnetic controls are located around the perimeter of the unit. These units contain a unique tracking system meaning that the magnet cannot get lost or be removed from the rails, which is ideal for a busy environment. Conversely, it is also possible to install the system where the magnetic blocks are detachable so only staff can operate the blinds.

The full lifting operation happens in one slick and easy motion while the tilt function allows staff to set the levels of vision and light. Only BGB units have additional optional dual-control functionality, allowing operation from either side of the glass.

BetweenGlassBlinds are also available in hard-wired multifunctional motorised units. This option is incredibly user-friendly and allow instantaneous shading or privacy at the push of a button.

The hard-wired option can be activated by a simple switch plate, or programmed to interface with most smart automation systems. For the ultimate in usability, the blinds can be controlled individually or in groups of up to 12.

The double-glazed panels are hermetically sealed and maintenance-free, reducing costs, as well as providing protection from moisture, odours and damage.

For any situations where additional needs are important, BGB Anti-Ligature Thumb Turn units provide large-scale observation, along with privacy and shading, without any risk. Please see the Anti-Ligature Thumb Turn page for further information.