Garden Rooms.

From workshops to workouts.

Whether it’s an office, music room, art studio, personal pub or a home gym, garden rooms are the perfect way to add that extra living space to your property.

BetweenGlassBlinds are a sleek and practical addition to the design. They can be installed in windows, side screens, and any type of standard door including bi-fold and sliding doors. They look stylish and sophisticated, giving your garden room it’s finishing touches.

They are also incredibly practical. The Tilt feature of the BGB units allows you to direct the sunlight, removing glare without compromising the brightness of the room. And if the temperatures soar, integral blinds will reflect the sun’s rays and keep the sun from overheating the space.

Another big selling point for garden rooms is privacy. To help with distraction, being able to screen off some or all of the view can be a lifesaver. It allows for complete focus, especially if others are also enjoying the garden.

BetweenGlassBlinds’ totally cordless and child-safe system has two operating options,  either via sliding magnetic blocks or by battery powered units.

The magnetic blinds are simple-to-use and have unobtrusive controls located around the edge of the unit. The units contain a unique tracking system for the magnet meaning that it cannot get lost or be removed from the rails. The double-glazed panels are hermetically sealed, with the blinds inside protected from moisture, dust and damage. Unlike external curtains or blinds, they need no maintenance and are free from spills and odours.

The battery powered option is incredibly user-friendly and allow instantaneous shading or privacy at the push of a button. This can be attached magnetically to either the glass surface or the frame. Installation is quick and easy, with no electrician needed, and no need for mains power.

If you are looking for additional living space, now is the time to venture outside and start planning your ideal garden room, complete with BetweenGlassBlinds.