Client // MTX Contracts Ltd / Bridgman IBC

Name // Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Trust

Type of Build // New Build

Location // Hillingdon, Greater London

Products installed // Vistamatic & BGB Integral Blinds


Modular buildings are increasingly being used by healthcare Trusts to provide facilities in shorter time scales. With the lack of ward and bed space continuing to hamper the NHS’s ability to meet the government’s targets, modular buildings with their quick turnaround time, offer the perfect solution.

Today’s modular ward accommodation can be bespoke built to the highest user requirements. Vistamatic and BetweenGlassBlinds, with their reputation for quality, durability and ease-of use are the perfect choice for privacy solutions.



A new 28 bed decant ward was required for the Hillingdon Hospital, an acute and specialist services provider in North West London, close to Heathrow Airport. The build included six 4 bed wards, four HDU single bedrooms, a nurse base, offices, an interview room and clinical stores.


Vistamatic and BetweenGlassBlinds

Working with principal contractor MTX Contracts Ltd and door supplier Bridgman IBC, Vistamatic provided 20 bespoke 395 x 795 non-fire vision panels. A lever handle was best suited to operate the vision panels as the handles are chromium plated, easy to clean and suited for either hand or elbow operation.

BetweenGlassBlinds were also specified for the build and BGB supplied the project with 33 integral blind sets. For nine of the installations, FD60 requirements were met; and an additional 24 non-fire rated units were also supplied. The blinds were required to be Tilt Only.

Peter Bowes, Production Director at Bridgman IBC, said, “Vistamatic glazing systems are excellently engineered with precision, ensuring that they are easy to install, and this leads to superb operation in the field. Our joinery supervisor stated that he prefers fitting the Vistamatic systems as they always line up and are always accurate.”

Jim Greensmith, Senior Manager at Bridgman IBC added, “The pressure was on to perform and supply quickly and efficiently, and with Vistamatic’s help, Bridgman IBC were able to improve lead in periods and supply the project in full to assist the Hillingdon Teams fight against COVID19.”