In February 2019, plans were discussed to create two new wards at a hospital in Sheffield, to elevate Winter bed pressure.

The Northern General Hospital, which is part of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, opened talks with a view to erecting a two-storey building to provide a pair of 24-bed wards.

The hospital hoped to have the wards built before the end of 2019, when demand for beds can rise during colder months.


 The focus of the project was to create two new 24-bed wards, with minimum upheaval, to The Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. The plan formed part of the hospital’s management strategy, to create extra space for patients over Winter.

When constructed, the wards called Vickers Modular Wards – Vickers 6 & 7, will form a vital part of the hospital’s future management plan. It will mean patients and staff can be transferred to the new accommodation when need arises.

Vickers 6 & 7 is located centrally within the hospital site, on a vacant plot which was used as a drop off spot for nursing staff returning hospital equipment.


 A number of BetweenGlassBlinds magnetically-operated, tilt and lift units, were supplied to Dixon Timber Products as part of the hospital project.

Operated with an unobtrusive sliding magnetic block around the perimeter of the unit, this completely cordless system from BGB works perfectly in hospital environments.

Supplied in white and non-fire rated, these integrated blinds were installed across both wards.

Integrated blinds from BetweenGlassBlinds are maintenance free – making them a perfect product to use in medical facilities like the newly-constructed wards at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield.

These integrated blinds allow the operator full control of privacy as they can be tilted in one easy motion.

They also meet the requirements for clinical infection control because they are sealed between two panels of glass – making them completely maintenance free.

Pete Trenchard, building surveyor at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, played a huge part in bringing these two new wards to life.

He said: “Talks opened at the beginning of 2019 and by the end of the same year, we had virtually completed the project.

“I was heavily involved in the task of creating two, 24-bed wards, at the hospital and getting them fit for purpose before the cold weather.

“BetweenGlassBlinds is a recognised market-leader and that is one of the reasons we decided on these products.

“We needed a product we could trust and would not be problematic to us.

“We knew these integrated blinds from BetweenGlassBlinds would work well in the new corridors and side wards.

“The sealed units would also be maintenance free and we were pleased with the length of warranty on the products too.

“Since installation, we definitely made the right choice. They look traditional but modern and have overall enhanced the look of the new, two wards.