Client:  Health Spaces

Name: Concept Ward at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Products installed: Between Glass Blinds Internal Screens



The 28-bed ward originated from the hospital’s urgent need for decant space as it underwent RAAC remedial work.

As James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust had been selected to join the New Hospital Programme (NHP), the project presented a golden opportunity to trial hospital 2.0 principles, new technologies and the impact of single in-patient rooms.


The Project

The project was designed with a view of a ‘hybrid’ mix of single en-suite rooms and four-bedded bays, used by speciality wards including acute medicine, paediatrics, and orthopaedic surgery.

The Concept Ward enabled pioneering research into modern ward design.

James Paget is working with Staffordshire University to deliver research into exploring how patients and staff respond to the environment – and the effect of the physical environment on health outcomes.


Between Glass Blinds

The view to swap out conventional curtains in wards to the Between Glass Blinds integral blinds was discussed, taking into consideration the aesthetics, practicality, and goal of the modern ward design movement. 

Between Glass Blinds worked closely with Health Spaces to offer hygienic privacy glazed screens that included integral blinds. Through the design process it was clear that the screens, at times, were to function like a traditional curtain in that there could be ‘clear vision’.

As such Between Glass Blinds offered over 30no. white integral blinds; all the screens have full function in that they can tilt open and close, offering privacy and observation as well as lift up and down for full vision.