Peterborough City Hospital, is now regarded as the City’s most significant building project since the cathedral was built in 1238. The healthcare campus features: a 612-bed, 22-theatre Major Acute Hospital; a 98-bed Mental Health Unit; a 39-bed City Care Centre; a multi storey car park; helicopter pad; hard and soft landscaping and highway works.

The Acute Hospital encompasses specialist areas including; a Cancer Centre, Cardiology Centre, a Women and Children’s Unit and Adult and Pediatric Emergency Centre’s.

The design of each facility is patient-focused to facilitate a good standard of care and also to promote a comfortable experience. Emphasis is placed on colour, views, natural light and artwork of a sensory-considered design. The windows are purposefully located to ensure green views are available where possible, otherwise Sedum roofing and courtyard installations have been established to enhance the vistas.

Peterborough City is the first new-build hospital in the UK to pioneer innovative ‘Cruciform’ wards – four-bedded bays that create a large personal space around each bed and maximise the availability of daylight.

The diligence of Brookfield Multiplex, along with all of the other sub-contractors, in understanding and achieving the Trusts’ aspirations has resulted in a state-of-the-art hospital for Peterborough with numerous innovations, finishes of exceptional quality and a welcoming and user-friendly environment.


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The standard of workmanship and finish has been continually praised by the Trust, Independent Reviewer, hospital staff and patients.

Nigel Hards, Peterborough &Stamford NHS Trust Chairman, said:

“The Trust has a vision to grow into a major healthcare provider in the region and Peterborough City Hospital with its fantastic facilities is central to that goal. It is fabulous, a world-class building and we’re delivering world-class healthcare from it for our patients and our local communities.”

“It has taken a great deal of hard work by the Trust, our PFI partners Progress Health along with the main contractors and specified sub-contractors to reach this stage of a tremendously complex three-building project and I would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment to probably Peterborough’s largest building project since the construction of the Cathedral some 800 years ago.”